HTC Teases its Own Voice Assistant to Rival Siri and S Voice

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Voice assistant apps are all the rage with gadget manufacturers these days, don’t you know. Apple kicked things off with the personable Siri, and more recently we’ve seen Samsung have a pop with its S Voice on the Galaxy SIII.

It seems that HTC is next in line to offer something extra for its customers, after posting a teasing image via its Facebook page. The picture shows some sort of voice recognising and assisting software running on the recently released One X, although for some reason the phone is talking to a dog and understanding what it says.

The image’s tagline is, “Ever wonder what your pet has been trying to tell you all these years”. We’re pretty certain HTC isn’t going to launch a revolutionary dog translator app though, so don’t get too excited on that front dog owners.

HTC’s app appears to naturally interact with its user, as Siri does, and identifies him or her by name. It also interfaces with the weather and clock apps to bring the latest time and weather updates. To rival Samsung, we’d imagine HTC’s option would also allow the user to control other native apps such as the Calendar, Messages, Email and more.

With Google itself rumoured to be speeding up its Assistant software for Android to rival Siri, it’s hardly surprising to see the big name OEMs designing something of their own to give a more controlled brand experience.

What would HTC call its voice assistant software? Sense Voice? Sense Speak? Let us know your suggestions.

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Via: HTC Facebook