Hunting for 5G?

5G Networks are currently few and far between. If much of the news is to be believed, there are a lot of you out there that really want to lay hands on a 5G phone. At some point in 2019 anyway. Although we have explained before that the services may not actually be fully available in 2019. This does not seem to hinder the urge of many to splash out on the latest and greatest that phone providers are offering.

5G Networks

Although networks will be few and far between barring centres of some cities, it might be good to know where the best signal is to take full advantage of your latest tech purchase.

Never fear. We have got together and figured out which apps may be  beneficial on your flashy new handset.

We are going to assume today that you have a reasonably good understanding of tech.


First off the bat we have Wifiman by Ubiquitous also on ios

The main limitation of 5G is many transmitters required for coverage. With this in mind having the issue of finding best coverage could be frustrating.
Wifiman only requires your location to check what sort of coverage each network in the area is giving.

Wifiman 5GHz Scan

The image above was from a local scan but we are based in a rural location.
Living in a city that already has 5G implemented would show a whole different picture.
It will also clearly show the best one to connect to locally wherever you are. Not only that. It will show devices that are connected on the WiFi. This can be quite handy if you are wondering why your download has dropped a little. Moving to another connection with less devices may help.


Second we have Fing which is also available on ios

Fing is very similar to Wifiman; it offers internet speed test and ping as well as Trace route. You can also look for open ports. Quite useful if you want to test your own network at home.
Iot devices could be an easy entry into your home network so being able to check them on the regular would be useful.

Fing will also show the IP address, Mac address, Vendor and OS of each device. You can also check each devices history on the network.

5G Apps

5G apps are coming, make no mistake and they will be plentiful. We expect a snowball effect once 5G becomes widespread. The price of an entry level 5G phone will need to lower quite a bit too.

If Oneplus have anything to do with it though this could change very quickly!

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