Music and Google+ look cool in new Android Ice Cream Sandwich leaked snaps

So, the Google / Samsung alliance may have postponed its big reveal of the Samsung Nexus Prime – or Galaxy Nexus and along with that the new Google OS update, Ice Cream Sandwich. But that hasn’t stopped the coolest Android yet hitting the web in more leaked shots, this time showing off its music features and Google+ integration.   

Boasting a stylishly ungraded interface the Google Music app resembles a bit of what we’ve seen on Android’s tablety big brother, Honeycomb, which is understandable since ICS (to abbreviate) will be a dual platform operating software optimised for both smartphone and slab. The screens below show the Gingerbread version, on the left and new ICS version of the interface, on the right.  

The controls of the running Music app now feature more playlist options, as well as full details about your currently playing artist with album art displayed. As well as the usual play and track skip options, there’s also a quick search icon at the top right, which was omitted from the previous version as you can see in the comparison photos.

Google+ makes an appearance – set to be one another of the core Google features and bringing buddy connectivity which is easily accessible. All the familiar buttons from the web version are there including very clear cut links to Profile, Photos, and Circles. If you know the usual Android app, this appears no different, but until Google and Samsung re-issue their invite to witness ‘something big’ including Samsung Nexus Prime and Ice Cream Sandwich we may be left guessing a little bit longer.

The new Android Ice Cream Sandwich OS is suggested to feature Google Chrome web browser. Check out the Gadget Helpline’s article – Here.

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Source: Recombu via Android Police