Impressive Concept Shows How the Facebook Phone Could Look

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The Facebook Phone has become something like the unicorn of the technology world – always rumoured but never really seen. We’ve heard that HTC would make one, but that was a while ago and nothing has really come to fruition since.

The lack of any real news on a rumoured product doesn’t stop creative types mocking up concept images however, and these are often the cause of so-called “leaks” and the start of rumours. However, this concept design is exactly that – it’s not going to spark any rumours and we’re pretty certain Facebook isn’t going to make a phone like this, unfortunately.

Designer Michal Bonikowski is no stranger to the idea of designing a concept smartphone. In the past he’s famously made a great-looking Nokia Windows Phone concept which we still wish would become real. Now he’s taken to creating a Facebook phone, complete with an all-blue colour scheme.

The handset features a large touchscreen with a fairly slim bezel surrounding it, especially at the bottom, where four touch buttons are located. These buttons don’t resemble any current mobile OS, supporting the idea that Facebook would create their own operating system if they did launch a smartphone.

A rather large camera lens sits on the back along with the Facebook logo to its right. A volume rocker is located on the left edge of the phone, while the power button and 3.5mm headphone jack sit along the top edge.

By far the most exciting part of the design is a Facebook-branded dock that will provide cable-free inductive charging for the phone – something we’ve always felt that all phones should have.

With rumours of Facebook eying up a buyout of the Opera browser, it’s looking as though the social network is aiming to build up an entire suite of apps, including Instagram and the new Camera app. We’re still none the wiser as to whether it will ever launch its own branded smartphone, but we can dream.

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Source: Mindsailors

Via: Pocket-Lint