Incognito Maps – Google Update, Currently Invite Only

Incognito Maps now being tested in closed beta, invite only..

Just like in many browsers, you will soon be able to don those digital sunglasses on while travelling. Probably not the fedora though.

Google have divulged what they are currently working on with regards to the route finding map we all know and, ahem, use.

We have been quite vocal in the past about the amount of data that apps like this collect. Thankfully this is a step forward in the right direction.

Where we choose to go, who we meet and what we do are entirely our own business and nobody else. Of course this only applies when no others are being harmed or put into danger through those actions.

In that respect privacy can be a double edged sword..

As the pen is mightier i shall continue.

Incognito Maps

Google maps will now have the option to hide your location at the tap of a button.
If seeing is believing then this is looking good. We will need to wait for the results though. In a little while the testers should pop up with their verdicts. We are sure some will slide into your notifications somewhere.

Previously announced at Google IO 2019.

As the image shows above, once incognito is tapped there will be a bar across the screen confirming it is on.

Skip forward to 2:30 if you want to focus on the maps section:

In a nutshell. Once you have tapped incognito your location should be hidden, not only from Google but every one of your contacts too. Ideal for planning a surprise party right?

Overall the push towards privacy is great. The only negative is that it took them this long to focus on it.

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