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Instagram adds Vine-like 15 second video sharing features


Facebook’s Instagram has added the ability to record and share videos of up to 15 seconds in length, mimicking Vine, the app of its rival Twitter.

The social network revealed the new features today, meeting rumours that had surfaced recent days about a possible video feature coming to Instagram. These new features will be added by means of an app update rather than another standalone app, which is available now on Android and iPhone.

A number of differences differentiate Instagram’s video service from Vine, with the biggest being the length of video that can be captured – Instagram offers 15 seconds to Vine’s 6. However, unlike Vine, Instagram videos do not loop constantly like a GIF, nor do they have the option to mute sound.

However, just like Vine, when recording a video with Instagram you have the option to continually tap and release the record button, thus creating a stop-motion effect which has been used so well by creative types on Vine since its launch earlier in the year.

Facebook reckons Instagram video has the edge over its rival when it comes to editing. Once you’ve finished your video you have the option to delete scenes and set a cover photo for those who follow you to see in their feed. And of course, it wouldn’t be Instagram without those hip filters, and for video there are 13 to choose from. At the event Facebook chose to highlight just one – Cinema – which uses digital stabilisation to create the best possible video recording from your phone.

Instagram also offers more sharing options than Vine when it comes to letting everyone see your creative masterpieces, offering Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Tumblr, Email and Foursquare – Vine only offers Twitter and Facebook.

Instagram with video is now available as an update on Android and iPhone from the Play Store and App Store respectively.