Instagram app for Windows Phone may arrive as a Nokia exclusive

Instagram is one of the gaping absences in Microsoft’s Windows Phone ecosystem, missing ever since the launch of Windows Phone 7 back in 2010. It’s going to launch this year though, and on Nokia Lumia phones first.

Chinese Windows Phone obsessed site WPDang has been pretty spot on with its predictions in the past, and its most recent tip suggests that Instagram will come to Windows Phone 8 but only on Nokia Lumia phones.

Leaked promo material for the Nokia Lumia 610 recently included the Instagram icon, sparking rumours that the app was on its way to Microsoft’s mobile platform. Alas, we’ve heard nothing since and the photo sharing social app still remains absent.

The move would make sense, in a way, as Nokia is widely regarded in the smartphone world as the camera experts. When it comes to Windows Phone and camera tech there’s no competition, with the Finnish company’s latest Lumia 920 blowing all competition from the likes of Samsung and HTC out of the water. A big name photo app needs a big name phone maker with expertise in cameras.

The site also says that new and exclusive filters will be in the Windows Phone version, meaning that there are more options for customising photos than on the iOS and Android versions. Whether that will make up for the app’s absence for the past 2 years remains to be seen.

Are you gagging for Instagram on your Windows Phone?