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Instagram and Netflix apps not coming to BlackBerry 10 OS anytime soon

The BlackBerry Z10 is currently flying off the shelves quicker than anyone could have predicted, but with this sharp uptake in sales comes lots of questions for BlackBerry regarding apps and software for the devices to bring the handsets up to speed with their rivals.

However, it appears that some of the most requested apps out there including Netflix and Instagram are still not going to hit the BlackBerry 10 operating system any time soon, as both companies have stalled in their decisions to make a BlackBerry 10-specific app.

Netflix has been speaking to tech website AllThingsD where it stated that it has “no current plans for a BlackBerry app,” which means anyone who wants to stream their premium Netflix subscription on their mobile will have to steer clear of the BlackBerry Z10.

Whilst Netflix has not offered and official explanation for the BB10 snub, sources have said that the company has little incentive to develop for the platform as the majority of Netflix’s mobile users already subscribe to its service via the iOS, Android and Windows Phone 7/8 apps, so the BB10 version is just not worth creating at this time.

Last month information came out stating that Instagram was another high profile app that was holding back on creating a BlackBerry 10-specific app, with the company currently having no plans to create one at all, so whilst the launch of BB10 has been great, its seems that not everyone is convinced that the OS will be able to take a share of the pie fron Apple, Android and Windows Phone.