Intel Drops Info On Basis Peak Smartwatch

The Intel Developer Forum 2014 saw the previewing of a brand new, second generation smartwatch called the Peak from Basis, a company recently purchased by Intel. The rear of the watch is supposed to include an ultra advanced second generation sensor suite, apparently to rival the Apple Watch.

The rear of the Basis Peak, looking like something straight out of sci-fi.

Pocket Lint got in an interview with Intel’s Mike Bell, who detailed some of the finer details of the Basis Peak, which included some interesting nuggets of info about the Basis Peak.

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“I like joking that the back of ours looks better than the front of a lot of others.” Said Bell, commenting on the futuristic rear of the Peak and the sci fi looking sensors it includes.

According to Bell, Intel’s purchase of Basis was due to the technology behind the Peak.

“One of the many of the reasons we [Intel] bought Basis – and I tried everything on the market – is theirs just worked the best.” He said. Bell also explained how Basis have genuine science backing up their claims of smartwatch sensor superiority, with results apparently blowing competitors away.

Intel’s Developer Forum always comes out with some interesting new tech.

Basis’s first generation product, the Basis Health Tracker fitness wrist computer, is already on the market, but Bell says that their next product, the Peak smartwatch is the culmination of work that began years back.

“The cool thing is that Basis has been working on it [Peak] for years and we already know what works and what doesn’t work – and the new product is much better than what is already shipping.” He said.

Basis has apparently been working on heart rate sensors and other information gathering devices for much longer than competitors, according to Bell, who says that whilst first generation devices from competitors have been out for a while, no other company apart from basis, to his knowledge, is gearing up for a release of a second generation wrist mounted sensor.

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We’ll have to stay tuned to see how Basis’s Peak fares when more information comes to light, but we may see the device sometime in 2015, possibly at the Consumer Electronics Show in January 2015. We’ll get back to you if any developments on Basis Peak surface before then.

Source: Pocket Lint

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