Intel-Powered LG Smartphone Expected To Be Unveiled At CES

Intel is planning its first foray into the smartphone business with LG and is expected to show off the world’s first Intel-powered handset at January’s CES.

The Korean Times has spoken to sources from both LG and Intel and are tipping CES as the place for the handset to be shown to the world for the first time.

“LG Electronics will produce Intel’s first Android smartphones that use Intel’s own mobile platform. The device will be shown at the CES,” according to an unnamed ‘top-ranking’ executive at LG.

Intel’s top brass have all but confirmed the handset as Korea Lee-sung told the publication that CEO Paul Otellini will take to the stage in Vegas to reveal the handset, which is expected to be in shops by March.

He said: “Intel’s chief executive Paul Otellini will release Intel’s first Android smartphone using our own platform at the CES.”

LG and Intel have collaborated on a phone at CES before, but do due lack of marketability it was scrapped before it made it to market.

Intel and LG will be facing even stiffer competition this time around as Nvidia Tegra 3 1.5GHz quad-core processor is expected to be unveiled in a new HTC device at CES too.

CES begins on January 9 at the Las Vegas Convention Centre.

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