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Internet Explorer 10 “Do Not Track” Mode Will be Default Mode

Microsoft has announced that when it launches its new Internet Explorer 10 web browser with the upcoming Windows 8 operating system, the default mode for IE10 upon opening will be the new privacy friendly ‘Do Not Track’ setting, instead of just normal browsing.

The “Do Not Track” feature on IE10 is similar to Google Chrome’s Incognito mode and Firefox’s Private Browsing, where users can search the internet without a history, login, or cookies being remembered on the browser.

Microsoft has had numerous concerns raised by customers and advertising partners about having the Do Not Track option as a default setting in IE10. When customers will get the new Windows 8 OS they will be provided with IE10 and when this is turned on users will see a “prominent notice” that Do Not Track is turned on, but the customers can then opt to turn it off.

Brendon Lynch, chief privacy officer at Microsoft has stated:

“This approach is consistent with Microsoft’s goal of designing and configuring IE features to better protect user privacy, while also affording customers control of those features. It also underscores that the privacy of our customers is a top priority for Microsoft. “

“We have conducted additional consumer research that confirmed strong support for our ‘consumer-privacy-first’ approach to DNT,”

“We have also discussed our point of view with many interested parties, who want to learn more about how our customers will first experience and control the DNT setting in IE.

“Our approach to DNT in IE10 is part of our commitment to privacy by design and putting people first. We believe consumers should have more control over how data about their online behaviour is tracked, shared, and used.”

So it looks like Do Not track is going to be part of our life now, unless you’re going to switch to Chrome, Firefox, or another third party browser.

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