IOT Future, Internet Of Things? Smart Or Not?

IOT future is here, no need to look any further. There are currently millions of iot devices worldwide. There are also a lot of smart speakers out there. These are two entirely different kettles of tech.  The key to working out whether you own a smart devices or just an iot device is easy. A smart device will do things for you without instruction whereas an iot device will do things when you instruct them to do it.

So, if you have a smart speaker this does not mean you have a smart home.

A smart home will be just that; smart. Your home will regulate the temperature, keep up with any resources required, ordering replacements when low. It will monitor your garden keeping track of how much your cabbages have grown, harvesting or warning when close to fruition. On walking into a room the lights will sense your entry, thus illuminate according to time of day, without instruction.

Obviously, these are examples of some smart home functionality.

A basic rule of thumb to go by is :- ignore any mention of smart in a products title.
A lot of the time the manufacturer or retailer will use this buzzword to increase foot traffic. Look for the features you particularly require and you wont go far wrong.
Most of the devices are simply standard product plus sensors with a few extra components allowing transfer of data etc.

IOT future

The future looks like it will be defined by the iot. Actual options available are not really being utilised yet. There are already Artificial agents scouring the net looking for information to trade from iot devices such as weather stations. This is just one example. If there is any type of sensor it can also be shared and its information used as long as it is connected. AI will be heavily involved in the grease required to keep everything running along in the background.

For an extensive list of some devices check this link

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