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Didn’t Get an iPad? Grab a Bargain on an Android Tablet with Currys!

The sales are here! And amongst the bargains come some sweet deals on some usually high priced tablet computers. So if you didn’t get that iPad for Christmas, listen up – there may be something in this little selection for you!

I’ve been trying to persuade my girlfriend that tech’s not just about Apple and been trying to convert her to the less expensive Android market. We’ve scouted a few stores and found some nice ‘Droid packing tablets which rival low-end prices but deliver a high-end gadget.

For example Currys and Dixons currently (and for a limited time only) offer the Motorola Xoom tablet, a tidy 32GB Honeycomb slab with respectable 1GHz dual-core CPU, 10.1″ LED touchscreen, pair of HD cameras for £329.99 – a saving of £170!

Also up for grabs, is Sony’s 9.4″ tablet offering, the recently launched S1. This one also comes with Android 3.2 Honeycomb as OS of choice, also featuring LED touchscreen, 1GHz dual-core processing power, front and rear HD shooters and Adobe Flash 10.1 on board for all the multimedia goodness which the tablet is optimised for. A 16GB model will set you back £429.99 and the 32GB £449.99 both with a £50 saving.

Fancy something a little more compact and at the budget/casual use end? Dell’s 7″ Streak weighs it at under £100 (a penny change!) coming with Android 2.2 Froyo and LCD touchscreen, the little slate is powered by 1GH dual-core Qualcomm CPU and features front and rear cameras.

Also in Currys’ sale is the BlackBerry Playbook range. Yes, we often give them a rough ride but there are massive savings to be found right now if you can put one to use, with the full 16GB, 32GB and 64GB line slashed down by up to £280! All three model feature RIMs own BlackBerry Tablet OS, 7″ display, with LCD touchscreen, 1GHz CPU, also front and rear cameras and are designed for multimedia use.

Even with all this one offer, her eyes are still lingering on that Apple symbol.. Maybe you’ll see more sense!

Curry’s full range of discounts can be found on the website, for tablets check out the listings – Here.

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