iPhone 4S goes on sale today

After almost a year of rumours, speculation and an awful lot of talk, Apple announced their latest iPhone last Tuesday, the iPhone 4S.

Pre-orders went live last Friday, and despite many being disappointed with the lack of a completely new iPhone 5, over 1 million iPhone 4S devices were pre-ordered within 24 hours, smashing the previous record of 600,000 set by the iPhone 4.

The official release date was set for October 14th, and that day has finally come around. We’ve heard of some lucky people receiving their pre-ordered iPhones several days early, but if you ask a dedicated Apple fanboy, nothing beats the ‘magic’ of queuing up outside an Apple store to pick up your shiny new gadget on release day.

Some people have been queuing outside the Apple store in Regent St, London since last week. Check out a picture taken of the Covent Garden store in London at 6:30am this morning! (via @MacRumors)

The iPhone 4S features an almost identical design to its predecessor, the iPhone 4, though you’ll need to take a look inside to find the major changes. Apple has swapped in a brand new dual-core A5 processor, which makes the iPhone 4S 68% faster in tests when compared to the iPhone 4. Graphics power is also said to be 7x more powerful thanks to the A5 chip.

The camera sensor has been radically upgraded to a completely new model. This means an 8-Megapixel sensor which is capable of letting in 73% more light, making it so much better in low-light conditions. The camera is also capable of recording video in Full HD quality at 1080p.

Perhaps the most talked about feature of the 4S is Siri, the new AI personal assistant that is powered by Nuance and Siri voice control. Siri lets you talk to your iPhone in a natural context, asking it to perform tasks such as sending a text message, finding a route in Maps or doing a web search with ease.

Have you already got your iPhone 4S? How long did you wait in the queue for, and most importantly, what do you think of it?

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