iPhone 5 / 4S to featured curved display? – Apple invest in new screen shaping tech

Today’s iPhone 5/4S rumour (and there does appear to be at least one a day lately) follows reports from Taipei of Apple’s investments in specialist glass cutting and shaping technology to create new panels for the fifth-gen iPhone.

Speculation has erupted online that a new iPhone handset could perhaps even feature a curved cover reminiscent of the panels used on the 4th and 5th gen iPod Nano. Interesting to see how the touchscreen functionality would be affected by a contoured fascia – If there’s any truth behind these suggestions. We’d kind of think this was purely fanboy fantasy. But we could be proven wrong!

Toshiba are reportedly onboard with the iPhone project after word surfaced at the Society for Information Display last week about a 4″ LED display which may or may not be backed by Apple.

Truth should emerge towards the end of the year as Apple usually drops some juicy news about the next iPhone in September. Allegedly this date has been pushed back to launch closer to the end of year.

But once again it’s all hearsay and speculation emerging from a little nugget of information leaked today. And once again we leave it to our loyal readers to choose what to believe..

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