iPhone 5 release revealed by Apple store hiring?

It doesn’t take much at the minute to constitute an iPhone 5 release rumour; anything with even a hint of Apple about it is being bandied about as definitive proof of the handset’s arrival. This latest one may have some legs though, as it’s suggesting that Apple is on a hiring rampage to stock its stores full of staff for the time between August 15th and September 15th.
While it’s been mentioned that Apple may have to do this anyway as a result of it being back-to-school time, it can’t be denied that this time frame coincides with the widely held belief that the iPhone 5 will join us around mid-to-late August.

If you’re taking this rumour as gospel, then the iPhone 5 could be with us as early as August 15th, which is a good couple of weeks earlier than some may have expected. Whether Apple decides to launch it or not, you can guarantee that your nearest UK Apple Store will be well staffed next month, either way.

Will Apple unveil the iPhone 5 in August? Or will it be an iPhone 4S? Or are you more concerned with Android? Let us know on the Gadget Helpline Twitter feed.