iPhone alarm not going off? Try these simple solutions

Setting your morning alarm is an integral part of our night time routines to ensure we wake up on time the next morning. If you find your iPhone alarm hasn’t gone off as expected in the morning, you will likely have to rush to get ready when you wake up which is far from ideal. In this article we look at some simple solutions if your alarm hasn’t gone off. 

Check that the correct alarm has been set 

If you’ve got multiple alarms set in your Clock app, you may have selected the wrong one. When setting the alarm at night, be sure to toggle the switch next to the desired alarm so that it is showing green. 

Similarly, check that the alarm is set for the morning. You can check this by editing the alarm to see if it is on AM or PM. Amend it to AM so that it goes off at the right time in the morning. 

Try the official Clock app instead of a third-party app 

Whilst there are a wide range of apps available, we recommend utilising the Clock app on iOS when setting alarms. Some third party apps may not sound the alarm if the app is closed or running in the background, whereas the Clock app on iOS will still work when the app is closed. 

Disconnect from Bluetooth devices and headphones. 

Bluetooth devices can also be a culprit if you’ve missed your alarm. If your phone is still connected to your Bluetooth headphones when the alarm goes off, the alarm sound will go through the connected device rather than the phone’s speakers. A way to avoid this is by turning off Bluetooth when you set your phone down for the night. This way you can be sure they won’t accidentally connect on their own. 

Turn up ringtone and alerts 

You may find the ringtone and alerts volume slider may have accidentally been turned down. If this is down, when the alarm sounds you will not hear it. This can be easily solved by visiting your Settings, Sound & Haptics, and adjusting the slider. 

Turn off Attention Aware 

Attention Aware is a feature on iPhone which allows the phone to check if you’re paying attention to your device. By doing this, it can act where appropriate. For example, if you have not pressed anything on your device for a while, the screen may stay fully lit whilst you’re viewing it and then dim when you look away. When it comes to your alarm, if your phone is upright near your face when you sleep, Attention Aware may recognise your face and think you are using your phone and thus turn the alarm off. You can try turning this feature off to see if it solves the issue for you. 

To summarise 

Whilst your alarm not going off can be worrying, you can easily solve it with these simple tips and get a good night’s sleep, ready to wake up the next morning.