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iPhone Facebook app update fixes bugs, adds new features

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You might want to file this one under ‘light news’, but Facebook for iPhone has just been updated to version 3.4.3. The software, which has remained among the iPhone’s most downloaded since launch in 2007, has pushed an update to fix bugs as well as add a couple of additions.

Chief among the changes is the ability to save any picture uploaded to Facebook to your iPhone’s Camera Roll. It may sound like a small tweak, but prior to this the only way to save uploaded pics to your own device was through the more awkward mobile version of Facebook, accessed through the browser.

Profile pages have also received a slight tweak in terms of UI, but the bulk of the rest of the update deals with software problems and adds extra security protocols. Whereas Facebook admitted last year that Android hadn’t been really a priority for it (up to a point), the iPhone app has always received most of the big updates first. Expect to see these features roll out onto other devices soon, then.

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