Only in Japan! Self-love for the lonely with “Sense-Roid”

Lonely folk in Japan can now engage themselves in a little self-love – but before you get the wrong idea, this isn’t what you think. In fact, it’s probably a little more embarrassing than what you were thinking of..

Kajimoto Laboratory are a company working on human interface research and following up from their “kiss transmission device” they have created a gadget called a “Sense-Roid” which allows the loveless (and truly desperate) to enjoy a tender moment solo and without the need of another person – because as the promotional video states “unfortunately it is impossible to embrace oneself physically”.

A bizarre pressure sensing torso with a micro processor straps on to its cuddle recipient and using “passionate tactile communication” it responds to hugging and stroking motions via an air compression vest worn by the user making them feel loved – the more “into it” the user is, the more they’re rewarded by their artificial mate.

We couldn’t help but chuckle at some of the unintentional innuendos and just plain ridiculousness in this promo clip, but these guys are serious about self-love and the “Sense-Roid” was recently a big hit at the Laval Virtual Awards 2011.

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