Only in Japan! – Transformers Dino-Bot USB Mouse invades desktops!

The new Transformers: Dark of the Moon movie is upon us! But for those tech-minded folk who are a bit more traditional when it comes to our “Robots in Disguise” it’s nice to see the Japanese are keeping the old ways alive with these Dino-Bot transforming mice (confusing?)

Let’s get it straight – that’s your desktop mouse transforming into a Dino-Bot with a choice of the beast-bot King himself Grimlock, or villianous Trypticon. The optical laser mouse is wired and plugs into any free USB port – it admittedly looks a bit on the bulky side as a functional pointer (and we don’t imagine they’re very practical in the long-term) but a few twists and turns changes the PC gadget into a prehistoric mecha!

Japanese companies Tomy and Hasbro started the Transformers phenomenon back in the mid-80s and it’s all come full-circle – back to the Land of the Rising Sun where everybody has a way to cash in on a trend. These are up for grabs for $71.80 (around £45 British) on

As we’ve seen in previous weeks there’s always “more than meets the eye” – Only in Japan! Last week we found out about the pop-sensation who is actually a CGI creation! Check out that article HERE!

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