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Jaws Remastered for High Definition Blu-Ray Edition – Classic Resurfaces This August!

Many classic movies have been getting the “Special Edition” Blu-Ray treatment since the high density format become the standard in home cinema, but none more deserving perhaps than Steven Spielberg’s iconic Jaws, which is currently receiving a full visual and audio refresh ahead of a Blu-Ray release this August.

In celebration of Universal Studios 100th Anniversary – and 37 years after the release of Jaws – the film company is working with legendary director Spielberg to resurrect the original 35mm film (which was found to be in a very bad state) and digitally remaster it frame by frame, enhancing the colours and sharpness, bringing new life and a 1080p high definition quality to the original movie, which will feature no “tampering” or CGI – just the same rubber shark we know and love (listen up Lucas). Spielberg states that these painstaking visual tweaks will make the movies once terrifying scenes “more vivid than even we remember them at the cinema”.

The audio will also be stepped up with that familiar pulse-pounding soundtrack by John Williams and all the classic dialogue and boat banter between Sheriff Brody, Captain Quint and Matt Hooper will be revived and reheard in 7.1 surround sound.

Since 1975 and the release of the classic Jaws, there’s been a massive bite sized hole in the movie market for another shark film and many have surfaced but failed to make the same wave. Even with such appealing elements as crossing a great white with an octopus or a two-headed shark chasing a bikini-clad Carmen Electra – these movies are nothing compared to the original and superior predator.  Welcome back Bruce – and here’s to swimmin’ with bow-legged women, once more!

Jaws will surface again in this must-own Blu-Ray edition on August 14th 2012.

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