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Jurassic World Trailer Proves Galaxy Gear is Not Extinct!

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We’ve just about got our pulses in check after watching that incredible Jurassic World trailer earlier this week and while giving it at least a dozen views we’ve spotted the most unexpected of cameos.

No, it’s sadly not Jeff Goldblum returning as the ultra-charismatic Dr. Ian Malcolm but as the Gadget Helpline and a number of other tech news sources have now noted it is the long forgotten Samsung Galaxy Gear!

The device as you may remember was Samsung’s first foray into wearable tech. Launched in September 2013 it was designed around the Android Wear operating system and was one of the earliest marketed smartwatches. It was unfortunately met with negative response due to its lack of available apps, poor battery life, weird camera position and a design which was frankly lacking in any style. The Galaxy Gear did spawn it’s own sequel in April 2014 – the Galaxy Gear 2.

The Galaxy Gear appears for just a split second in one scene of the teaser for Jurassic World, which is released on June 12th 2015 – just as one of the staff is about to be savaged by something nasty. It looks as though after Samsung started giving the gadget out free with its smartphones following lacklustre sales they were then re-employed as radar devices at the newly reopened and revamped park.

We’re really not sure about the iffy product placement or that the promise of being munched on by a raptor or other prehistoric predator is going to raise market appeal of the wearable gadget but it’s nice to see the Galaxy Gear isn’t completely extinct!

“Life Finds a Way..”