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Lady Gaga Launches Social Network

It would appear as though Lady Gaga’s legions of ‘monsters’ have outgrown the social confines of Facebook and Twitter – as the pop songstress has now opened up her very own online community!

Feeding off Gaga’s massive internet fan base is named the after the term she affectionately labels her fans and provides a social hub for all things relating to the Pokerfaced recording artist. Those who signed up to an earlier Beta version of the website will get early access to the now fully up-and-running network which borrows successful elements of a number of other popular social sites.

The community unites fans and followers with log-in via Facebook or Twitter, providing an interactivity information source for all things Gaga from concerts to videos and competitions. Fans can also use a Pinternet style feature to post their own photos on a front page for all to see as well as comment and use chat rooms to talk about their favourite tracks and various other items relating to their idol.

Lady Gaga has made social appearances on the Gadget Helpline Blog previously, having her Twitter account to offer free Apple iPad tablets, her website hacked with email addresses stolen and getting her official YouTube account suspended due to a copyright row with a Japanese media company.  The star current has 27,131,179 followers on Twitter and with over 52-million Likes on Facebook.

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