Latest details on Mango update for Windows Phone – including Messenger, Office and Games Hubs

Mango – the fruity little update for Windows Phone – will bring with it masses of social appeal through a “Messenger Hub” with integration of Microsoft’s own Live Messenger plus AOL Instant Messenger and Facebook chat. There will also be improved WiFi for Places “Check-ins” for Facebookers.

It’s an update that is also always ready for business – the update will include “Office Hub” delivering Office365 to the Windows Phone 7 platform, with Sharepoint and Skydrive improvements said to be very noticeable.

Gamers will be blessed with a redesigned “Games Hub” (wouldn’t you guess) including improved Sync support with a whole lot smoother and slicker gaming experience.

With other touches thrown in such as an advanced lock screen featuring artist display and music playback controls (think iPhone), “visual” voicemail, WiFi hotspots and much improved battery-saving settings, there’s a lot to get excited about before the predicted end of year launch, and we’d wager there’s more to be announced before the time comes.

We previously wrote of how Bing online products will be introduced to Windows Phone when the Mango update drops – You can read that article HERE.

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