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Lay the Smack Down on Your Goals with The Rock Clock App

Wrestling hero turned Hollywood mega-star Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson invited everybody to join his birthday celebrations yesterday by launching a new free app called The Rock Clock.

Available for both iPhone and Android smartphones, The Rock Clock is an electrifying alternative to your regular reminders which allows users to set and name their very own project – be it a long-term fitness or life goal or just simply just a daily task. You can then set as many alarms as needed to remind yourself to “get after it” daily.

The app features the voice of The Rock himself with 26 specially recorded alarm tones for a variety of tastes, from mellow to metal and even some throwbacks to The Great One’s days in the wrestling ring. Our favourite is probably the tone which features Dwayne just making a “Beep Beep” noise over and over again until with his trademark coolness saying “I can do this all morning”. The Rock’s inimitable humour is witness throughout the app and there are daily videos from the man himself to get you pumped each morning.

You can even follow Johnson’s own routine by setting your schedule to “Rock Time” but as the app warns, he’s a morning person, and some of his alarms are as early as 3.30 in the morning!

Our only gripe with the grappler’s app is that you can only set one project at a time, and once the name of your project is set it seems impossible to change it without resetting the app completely – a few minor points for an otherwise superb and fun motivational tool.

Johnson’s natural charisma, entertaining gym posts and epic cheat days have attracted 50.5 million followers on Instagram and he recently partnered up with the compression wear maker Under Armour as part of his motivational program called Project Rock, aimed at getting people chasing their goals and which The Rock Clock is a part of. You can find out more at

The Rock Clock for Apple iOS
The Rock Clock for Android