Leaked pictures show possible Galaxy S4 ‘GT-I9502’ in the flesh

Pictures of what some are saying is the Samsung Galaxy S4 have leaked out of China, showing the soon to be announced flagship Android smartphone in all its glory.

The images, coming from a Chinese Forum, show a phone with the model number GT-I9502. We’re already pretty sure that the S4 will have the model number GT-I9500 as standard, so this could well be a Chinese variant – the source website believes it’s a dual-SIM version for the Chinese market.

It doesn’t take an expert eye to notice that the design of the phone depicted is very similar to that of the Galaxy S3. With a criss-crossed, almost carbon fibre finish, it seems certain that this phone is a prototype model that features a different case in order to hide the actual design from the public.

This theory is backed up further by another set of pictures from the same source which shows a benchmark test being carried out on the phone. The test shows that the phone in question has the same specifications that we’ve recently seen leaked: a 1080p Full HD display, 1.8GHz processor, 13 megapixel camera, 2GB of RAM and Android 4.2.1.

Just as Samsung did last year with the S3, it looks as though the hardware for the S4 is out in the wild but disguised in various cases. This case looks to be an S4 in an S3 body, with an almost identical look front and back to last year’s flagship phone.

The final design is likely to remain a secret until March 14th, when Samsung reveals the S4 for the first time in New York City.