After watching the opening talks at Google IO on Lens and Home we could not wait to let everyone know whats in store for them from Google in the very near future.

Google Home

Home was only launched 6 months ago and Google happily announced that they have already added 15 new features since launch. 

With a Google Home at your disposal you can now do the following with ease:

voice order shopping
step by step instructions for cooking
play your favorite song by using lyrics…
schedule a meeting
set reminder
hands free calling coming to home
Users will be able to ask their assistant to make a free personalised call. Google Home Products VP, Rishi Chandra didn’t say exactly when the feature will launch or whether there are any limitations on the free calls.
Home can have up to 6 different users on one device and if asked to ‘call Mum’ it will call the correct persons Mum depending on who is asking.
Google will be enabling Bluetooth on all Home devices
Bluetooth support to all existing home devices – any audio from ios or android  meaning anyone with an iOS, Android, or any Bluetooth-supported device can stream audio from the handset directly to Google Home.

Say what you want to watch and Home will play it for you:
Spotify, Soundcloud, Deezer, Youtube music, Googleplay music, Tunein, iheartradio,
Youtube, Netflix, Googlephotos, hbonow, hulu, youtube tv, to name a few.
Visual responses:
Bring up google maps when you say lets go, as long as you have a destination already planned.
Ok Google, show my calendar for Saturday…  The assistant will send the information for you to view on any chosen linked screen.
Whats the weather going to be like in X location: Assistant will bring up the weather on screen based on the information given.
Ask Google to show your ‘Watch later’ list and the answer is almost instantaneous in response and visual representation.
To summarise, Home now offers Proactive assistance, Hands-free calling, Your Favorite Entertainment and Visual responses.

Google Lens

Google Lens is a set of vision based computing capabilities that can understand what you are looking at and help
you take action.

This could well be one of the most useful innovations to come along for a while. Lens is like a catalyst between you the user, the internet and the real world. The outcome of this is an instant answer or action relating to your World.

For example, you are walking along and notice a flower that you do not recognise. Apart from digging up the plant and replanting in your own garden there is little way of growing one yourself without knowledge of its name or a background in Horticulture. No problem, Google Lens it!

Pretty amazing right? It does not stop there either. With Google Lens, the assistant will give you options depending on what you are capturing in the frame. See a sign for a concert? Lens it and Google may ask you if you want to book tickets? Perhaps set a scheduled event for an hour before the concert to make sure you are there on time? All this from simply viewing through Google Lens.

Visiting a friend and you are not on their WiFi yet? No problem: Google Lens it!


 There seems to be a lot of confusion out there across the seas of the internet over exactly what Lens is. One thing it is not is augmented reality. It is an AI tool enhanced through deep learning. It will also, quite possibly, be one of the most exciting advances in technology this year!