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LG’s 55-inch OLED TV comes to the UK for £9,999 at Harrods

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After a long year of waiting, LG’s stunning 55-inch OLED TV has finally made it ashore here in the UK. If you’ve been gagging to get your eyes on the latest piece of telly tech from the Korean company, then Harrods of London is the place you’ll need to head to.

The famous upmarket London department store currently has the wafer-thin TV on display for all to see in Knightsbridge, London. If you’re blown away by the slender design and eye-popping picture quality then you can pre-order a set, provided you’ve got a spare £10k.

Pre-orders are now being taken with a view to shipping TVs to customers in the UK by July, with a price tag of £9,999 reflecting cutting edge technology and design.

The EM970V, to give it its proper model number, was revealed last January at CES 2012. LG has since demonstrated other OLED sets, but it’s this model that will be the first to hit the UK. It has a razor-thin 4.5mm profile that’s thinner than any modern smartphone and a weight of less than 10kg, which is especially impressive given its huge 55-inch screen size.

The OLED tech is perhaps the most impressive thing about the set, with pictures seemingly jumping out of the set such is the quality and colour accuracy of the pictures. Whereas most TVs you’ll see in shops these days use LCD or LED panels, the OLED panel in LG’s new set differs by adding an extra white pixel to the usual matrix of red, blue and green ones. This addition makes the picture brighter and more vibrant overall.

The EM970V is also a 3D TV that comes with LG’s passive Cinema 3D technology and glasses, along with internet connectivity and a bunch of smart features.