LiFi Not WiFi, Faster Than 5G & Privacy Focused

LiFi Networks, though no global race behind it just yet, the pace is beginning to pick up.

Since our post back in 2015, Mr Haas and his team at Purelifi have definitely not been napping.

The team announced today that they completed an $18M Series B fundraiser. This fundraiser was started in order to provide LiFi technology to the masses. Purelifi can now push their tech to mobile device and lighting manufacturers.

Series B fundraising basically means the company is now past its initial startup phase. They have gained investors, now looking to utilise and spread awareness of their product.

Earlier this year the team announced they were moving from systems to manufacturing components. They demonstrated the product usage successfully in a laptop and phone at Mobile World Congress.

If you get a chance it is definitely worth your while checking out some of the case studies on the PureLifi site.

With Lifi, the sheer density of data throughput allows for much larger chunks to be transferred. One of the case studies focuses on the installation at a school. What this means for the future is the possibility of VR in the classroom. VR in the class, without needing all the extra cabling and apparatus. 

LiFi Networks Security

So, why is it so secure? The main reason actually comes down to light limitations. With Lifi you can draw the curtains and block out the signal to anyone outside instantly. This is not possible with Wifi.
If you have ever searched WiFi for your home network on any device, this is glaringly obvious. There will be a large list of routers to connect to in most urban environments. If they were all using Lifi with the blinds drawn the only connection you would see is your own.

This is the main cause of added security; when the light is stopped from exiting the building nobody can see it to connect to. Each room will need to have its own transmitter/receiver.

Personally, the sooner these devices become widely available the better. We shall be upgrading our home as soon as possible to LiFi!

Sources: Purelifi