LOVEFiLM UK gets Nickelodeon, Comedy Central and MTV Shows in the summer

In yet another case of one-upmanship, LOVEFiLM has today announced that it will be getting a host of new shows thanks to its parent company Amazon doing a big old deal with major US production company Viacom that will see shows from Nickelodeon, MTV and Comedy Central streaming exclusively on LOVEFiLM’s service.

Netflix, LOVEFiLM’s major rival, has long been known for being the more TV orientated service but as Netflix endeavours to bring new movie content to its service it appears LOVEFiLM is doing the opposite and bulking out its TV offerings.

The deal with Viacom will see programs from Nickelodeon like Dora the Explorer, Fairly Odd Parents and  SpongeBob SquarePants bringing a new kiddy-friendly aspect to the streaming service whilst older viewers (or the tweens) will get their fill of MTV’s array of television with shows like Teen Mom 2 and Awkward and Comedy central more bawdy comedies including Workaholics.

This update comes in addition to the previous announcement that a host of new TV series will be made specifically by Amazon for the LOVEFiLM service and  deals to secure exclusive TV series airings in the UK could see LOVEFiLM take more customers from Netflix.

However ,Netflix still has the edge in the child friendly programming department with the recent announcement that Disney had inked an exclusive deal to show all Disney movies over a year old.

LOVEFiLM hasn’t officially confirmed exactly which shows from Nickelodeon, MTV and Comedy Central will be landing on UK shores but we hope that some of the 250 TV seasons and more than 3,900 episodes that have been added to the US service with the Viacom deal will make it over.