How to Update Your Nokia Lumia 800 Windows Phone & Triple it’s Battery Life

After a lengthy wait for us Brits, Nokia has finally delivered the Lumia 800 software update that should bring an end to those battery woes on your Windows Phone and it’s believed that this fix, which recently went live in India and Singapore, will even increase the life of you gadget’s charge threefold!

If you were patient enough to wait and not grab a quick fix ROM – or are not skilled in the ways of illegitimate warranty-threatening codebreaking – we’ll reward you by telling you how to grab the update from Nokia for your Lumia 800 as soon as it becomes available for your phone.

You will first receive a notification, unless you want to check manually right now by going on your Homescreen and entering the Settings menu, then selecting Phone Update.

You’ll have to hook up your Lumia 800 to your computer to download and install the update which means you will need to have either Zune (for Windows PC) or Windows Phone 7 Connector (for Mac OS) already on your desktop. This is the software required to download the Nokia update.

(If you don’t have either of these software programs you can easily grab the appropriate version from its respective provider for free from or the iTunes App Store, simply by setting up an account, before you continue these steps.)

Once you have the correct software installed on your PC or Mac, connect your Lumia 800 to its USB cable and plug the USB end into an available port on your computer. Once connected your computer should recognise the Nokia handset and fire up the Zune or WP& Connector software automatically. If it doesn’t respond, simply open it manually as you would any other program or retry inserting your USB connection (these things can be temperamental!)

Windows PC-based Zune users should then click Update Now.
Alternatively Mac-based WP7 Connector users should click Install Updates.

This will start the Nokia update download and install process. Simply leave your Lumia 800 plugged in until this process ends and safely disconnect from the USB.

Not only will updating your Nokia Lumia 800 get rid of that bothersome question mark in place of the remaining battery charge icon, which has plagued the flagship Windows Phone since its release, patch number 1600.2487.8107.12070 also promises to tweak talk time performance, balance soft-key illumination for all screen brightness levels, improved audio quality and settle a few of the other noticeable performance issues.

This update should also fix a known issue whereby the Lumia 800 would not turn on once it had ran out of juice. Using a higher powered charger such as the BlackBerry PlayBook’s one will sort this temporarily, but the update should fix it for good.

So enjoy the update – you’ve probably waited long enough for it!

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