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Madeon Composing Music for New Sonic Game?

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In our second bite of Sonic the Hedgehog news (yes, we had to split the news into two) – it’s been hinted that French electro pop maestro Madeon may be supplying the soundtrack to a brand new game.

Madeon is the creative alias of 21-year old Hugo Pierre Leclercq whose superb live mash-up ‘Pop Culture’ went viral thanks to a YouTube video he uploaded in 2011. The goosebump-inducing track seamlessly blended 39 classic and contemporary pop hits from the 80s to present day. Thanks to social media Madeon became internationally famous in the music industry and has since worked with the likes of deadmau5 and opened for Lady Gaga.

In a tweet, the official Sonic the Hedgehog Twitter account shared an image resembling the cover of Madeon’s debut album Adventure which had been modified to feature a silhouette of Sonic’s face and recognisable spikes. Faded over this was the vision of a familiar platform video game world, bearing resemblance to the classic Green Hill Zone from Sonic 1. An accompanying message reads “The key lies with @madeon. Good luck.”

Also hidden in the image is a cryptic language which some have translated to saying:

Hello Hugo
The secret is inside the empire
We can get it back
The fated son of Daedalus
Add the numbers.

What it means is anybody’s guess at this point, but with a brand new Sonic the Hedgehog game apparently in the pipeline from SEGA this certainly points to Madeon following in the glittery footsteps of the late, great Michael Jackson in producing tunes for it. There is a track on the new CD called ‘Pixel Empire’ and it’s thought that the secret lies within.

The sounds of Sonic have always been beloved by nostalgic gamers and it was recently confirmed that the King of Pop was involved in the creation of tracks for Sonic 3 – a rumour which had been discussed for years.

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