Mario Kart Release Incoming To Android, IOS Tomorrow!

Mario Kart release is imminent. The game that crosses all borders, with IOS and Android anyway. Regardless of who you are with, if this game is put on, expect to lose at least three hours. Definitely one of my top 5 games of all time to play with others, and, have a great time doing it!

If you have not heard of this Nintendo game of legend, you must have been hiding under a shell for the last twenty years, or more.

As racing games go, this one is hard to beat. It combines the skills of a fast paced driving game with the ability to, not only hamper your opponents efforts, but, to boost your own!

Mario Kart Release

Nintendo will be releasing the game on phone devices from tomorrow. We expect release around 8:00 A.M. UTC time. If you wish to preregister to avoid the rush on release, links are provided below:

Players will be able to race around courses that were inspired by real world cities across the planet. Alongside these new tracks there will be a number of original game courses too. 

The game will have tours that rotate every couple of weeks. This will keep people playing as it will probably coincide with special drops per track or achievements. There will also be the option for micro transactions. We expect this to mainly cover player character cosmetics.

Just like other racing games, you have the option to go for global gold;  a ranking system covering all players worldwide.

This Mario Kart release is going to be a welcome addition to the social element of mobile gaming worldwide. It brings a lot of fun and, overall will probably have many people laughing all over the planet. Nicely done Nintendo!

Pre-register quick!



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Sources and artwork: Nintendo Inc