Marvel Movies Phase One Blu-Ray Set Delayed by Amazon U.S – Now Assembling in ‘Spring 2013’

Amazon has announced the disappointing news that it’s exclusive Marvel Cinematic Universe: Phase One Blu-Ray set will not be deploying onto the doorsteps of early buyers in the U.S today as previously promised and will in fact be delayed until ‘Spring 2013’.

You may remember the Gadget Helpline’s earlier article which featured the eye-watering, pant-wetting assembly of high definition discs featuring all of Marvel’s build-up movies with Iron Man, Iron Man 2, The Incredible Hulk, Thor and Captain America and the recent team-up Avengers movie (collective known as ‘Phase One’ of Marvel’s movie line-up). The discs were to be shipped out today to pre-ordering customers in a presentation box befitting of the epic movies themselves with metal S.H.I.E.L.D briefcase protecting not only the Blu-Rays but also a light up Tesseract and a collection of fantastic replica items including agent dossiers on each of the superheroes, newspaper clippings relating to events seen on screen and even Thor’s hospital wristband all adding to the fan experience.

Emails were sent out to customers from Amazon HQ this morning explaining there would be a hold up and the Phase One Blu-Ray set would not be arriving to those who paid to get it on release day and won’t be seen until 2013. However, to compensate, Amazon is allowing earlier buyers (who paid between June 1st and August 28th and who do not cancel their orders) a code which will allow them to claim a free copy of the standard 2-disc Blu-Ray set which is available from today.

Also disappointingly there’s no news on a potential release for this Marvel-lous box set for us U.K nerds but the Avengers Assemble (as it was known over here) is on sale now in the regular Blu-Ray and DVD formats.

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Via: Engadget