Microsoft AI Involvement Deepens

Microsoft AI involvement changes up a gear. We are not talking about Cortana here either. Microsoft have thrown a rather large amount of money towards OpenAI.
OpenAI is the AI organisation founded in part by Elon Musk.

OpenAI has many projects underway. Obviously this is the nature of opensource.  OpenAI also made headlines for having an AI that was too dangerous to use. After all, it can create as many fake news articles as it wishes. Since then, the AI has been diluted in strength a little. You can still try it out right now if you fancy it: Create your own fake news article

Elon Musk left the organisation due to the drive of Tesla’s involvement in AI and did not want any conflicts to arise from this venture. He claims his exit from OpenAI was on good terms though.

Microsoft AI Involvement

Microsoft AI is a little misleading here. The Tech giant has been moving towards opensource a lot more in the last couple of years. This could be one of many reasons for their sudden investment of $800 Million.  Microsoft aim to integrate this AI partnership into their Azure cloud. This move could propel them towards being the place to be for AI research and commercialisation in an open, public environment.

You could consider AI the culmination of humanities overall endeavors with technology. It makes sense a little that Microsoft are involved somewhere considering the proliferation of Windows operating systems.

There is a very odd future heading our way where a lot of our needs are covered by an artificial intelligence. A lot of our jobs are also going to be removed from existence, this should not be considered a bad thing as there will be many positions opening up that are unheard of today.

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