Microsoft confirms next generation Xbox to be revealed May 21st

The date that Xbox gamers have been waiting to scrawl into their calendars has finally arrived. The next Xbox will be revealed by Microsoft in the company’s home town of Redmond, Washington on May 21st.

Invites are now being sent out to press and media for the event, which will give us a taste of the PS4’s main rival to be for the first time. Microsoft’s own Xbox expert Larry ‘Major Nelson’ Hryb kicked things off with a post on Twitter this evening; ‘Here we go! #XboxReveal’.

The invite asks us to join Microsoft on the day, where we will see ‘A New Generation Revealed’. The Xbox logo sits at the top, along with the word ‘Xbox’, which hints at the console’s formal name being simply that, and not Xbox 720 as we previously thought.

The event will take place merely days ahead of E3; the annual gaming expo where we had thought Microsoft would reveal the new console. It would appear that the May 21st event will give us a teaser and tee up a full demo at E3, which we also believe Sony to be planning.