Microsoft @ E3 2015 Highlights

Here’s our rundown of all the Microsoft Press conference stuff from E3 2015 that went out live online earlier today.


In the latest Halo title, the Maste Chief is AWOL, finding the mysterious guardians with some friends. In the trailer we visited the last existing Covenant base, with several next gen Spartans and one ODST (Nathan Fillion as Buck). The campaign includes squad command options to order around your AI buddies.

The Arbiter is back in the franchise, and the Chief seems to have some relationship with returning Forerunner robot bad guys. As for multiplayer, it kind of seems similar to before except this time around there’s a new Warzone mode where AI NPCs feature alongside human players in combat.

Halo 5 Guardians drops on the 27th of November 2015.


Microsoft’s new IP, demod today, features a young girl searchign for what looks like robotic treasures alongside a blue glowing mechanical dog. Set upon by red coloured robots, the dog explodes but its internal ‘core’ is inserted into a larger robot, and it appears the bot’s soul lives on in a new body.

In short, it looks like a robot based adventure/combat game where power ‘cores’ work inside host robots. no more information yet.


Microsoft announced this feature, letting you play Xbox 360 games on the Xbox One –  allowing 100 titles by this holiday. Microsoft demoed Mass Effect 1 with Xbox live features as well as promising Windows 10 compatibility too.


A new ‘professional’ Xbox one controller was announced, featuring extra paddle triggers on the rear, hair trigger locks, swappable components and remappable buttons. compatible with Xbox One and Windows 10.


PC mods for Fallout 4 are going to  work on Xbox One via Windows 10. modded content will be able to transfer from PC top  console using the new OS. We also spotted a wind up clockwork laser musket, and the heavy power armor ‘mech suit’ was further demoed against sewer dwelling Deathclaws.


The monthly service has promised Dragon Age Inquisition and Titanfall will arrive in their playable game Vault. As per usual the new EA Sports titles are still coming early on Access. Players can also try EA Access Vault for free to all XBL Gold members during this week.

Plants Vs. Zombies Garden Warfare 2 was also announced, more coverage in our EA rundown.


The new Ford GT was lowered onstage to promote the racer, which features hyper realistic gameplay in 1080p and 60fps. Large scale 24 player multiplayer is on the cards, with Forza 6 hitting shelves September 15th, 2015.


We saw a premiere trailer for Dark Souls 3, but that was about it.


The premiere trailer for the post apocalyptic action RPG shooter was shown at E3, with an Xbox One beta promised for this holiday. See our Ubisoft rundown for more.

Rainbow 6 Siege

The innovative 5v5 hostage rescue/counter-terrorism shooter will be released October 13th. Ubisoft’s teamplay centric squad based shooter features destructible cover with bullet penetration through thin walls for sneaky kills. Earlier titles RB6 Vegas and Vegas 2 will come free with Siege on backwards compatibility.


In this new free to play IP for Xbox One and Windows 10, you can apparently pick one of 5 heroes and participate in co-op battles against and alongside giant monsters. The cel shaded title will get a beta this August.


ID@Xbox includes a new and huge array of indie titles for Xbox One and Windows 10. We saw Tacoma, an abandoned space station mystery adventure. We saw Ashen, an open world teamplay-heavy fantasy adventure.

The more interesting Beyond Eyes was also demoed, where a blind protagonist uses her other senses to navigate a game world. we also saw a game based on Cuphead, featuring a 1930′s cartoon look for a classic platformer experience.

Responding to Steam Greenlight and Early Access, a new ‘Xbox Game Preview’  feature lets you buy alpha games with a free trial which allows you to try before you buy. DayZ, The Long Dark, Elite Dangerous are coming to XGP.

DayZ’s develeoper also turned up to announce new space survivor title Ion, a space station sim governed by universal laws, which is also arriving on XGP and PC


the new tomb raider saw a gameplay demo featuring Lara on a quest for a lost city in Siberia. Climbing segments seemed similar to Uncharted, with ice picks, and cinematic gameplay coupled with dramatic first person elements showcased the game. Survival gameplay also returns.


Rare’s classics are returning to consoles with 30 hit titles including Conker, Banjo Kazooie, Perfect Dark and more.


Rare also announced new pirate themed exploring simulator Sea of Thieves. Real time footage showed some jungle adventuring on islands, playing with friends on the high seas, searching through treasure chests and battling spooky skeletons, as well of course historic naval combat.


We saw this team based adventure yet again, and it’s coming to both Xbox One and PC, with single copy compatibility across both platforms coming this holiday.


Microsoft talked about their new partnership with Valve Vive VR and Oculus Rift, but the real demo came with Minecraft for HoloLens. We saw how a minecraft world can be placed onto a table  as a model, which can be used with gestures and voice input – you can even look underground and access console commands.


Lastly we saw some Gear Of War titles, including a remastered edition of first game, announced with extra content. Meanwhile, we saw demoed premiere footage of the new Gears 4, with two characters hunting for locust creatures in an abandoned fort. Dramatic weather effects featured, and there were some crazy four legged snapping locust monsters with spike launching tails to fight.

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