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Microsoft gamers face Xbox 360 disc fail with coming update

The Xbox Live update is on its way starting May 19th up until May 30th. But with great upgrades comes great upset for some users, as the new XGD3 disc support may in fact block some games from working.

Gamers will receive improvements to the Xbox Live Dashboard allowing them to obtain downloadable content and digital media as and when scheduled system updates become available. In addition, the XGD3 is set to allow for increased storage space on games discs, but a user contacting Kotaku, “the gamers guide” online, has reportedly been contacted by Microsoft informing them that the 2009 60GB Xbox 360 won’t be able to run retail games discs after the update drops, and have offered to replace the faulty 360.

Is this problem an isolated one, or is Microsoft going to be facing a backlash from its users? Somewhat ironically, a week after they were laughing in the face of Sony over its own Playstation 3 scandal.

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Source: Kotaku