Microsoft to launch Windows Phone 8 OS on October 29th

After months of promotion of the latest Windows Phone 8 operating system Microsoft has finally seen fit to actually tell us when they will be launching the fabled smartphone OS, and thus kickstarting an influx of new devices.

Monday 29th October is the date Windows Phone 8 will be officially launched, and the information has come straight from Microsoft as they have sent out a load of colourful invites with a Windows Phone 8 devices on the front, the words “Meet Windows Phone 8” and the date, time and location of the event; San Francisco.

Since the WP8 announcement there has been plenty of information regarding what the new OS will contain, where it will be available and even new devices that will be supporting it (most notably Nokia’s 920 and 820 handsets and the HTC 8X and 8S) but the only thing that was missing was the release date for the product. With the Windows 8 computer software launching on October 26th we had our thoughts that Windows Phone 8 would follow shortly after, and now we know it will. The event is a mere 3 days after the Windows 8 release so Microsoft really is in for a busy week!

One of the easier issues for Microsoft to tackle will be the upgrade program for Windows Phone 8… that’s because no older Windows Phone 7.5 running devices will be getting the new OS; instead they will be getting an incremental update that will have “some” of the WP8 features, which is classed as Windows Phone 7.8.

On the release date only new devices will be running the OS so we can expect to get a release date for many of the Windows Phone 8 branded smartphones that have already been revealed, including the new Nokia Lumia range – the 920 and 820 – along with the HTC 8X and 8S, and we can be sure of a few new devices.

However, we are currently unaware if the Windows Phone 8 launch will cover the UK or if Microsoft will delay the release across different territories.  Stay tuned to the Gadget Helpline as we bring you all of the Windows Phone 8 information.

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