Microsoft Nokia Lumia 735 and 730 to Debut at IFA?

With IFA just around the corner we have been expecting Microsoft to debut their Nokia Lumia 730 and the Nokia Lumia 830 but haven’t really heard a lot about many other variants… Now photos have appeared on Baidu Tieba claiming to show both the Lumia 730 and the Lumia 735.

According to reports the Nokia Lumia 735 will have 4G LTE whereas the 730 has dual sim 3G capability – kind of think of the two as a modern day 3310 and 3330, although if they can live up to the acclaim of this pre millennium titan is to be seen. The photos obviously show the two phones in black and white but it is anticipated they will both be available in more colours, after all we have better vision than your average dog.

The 730 and 735 supersede the Nokia Lumia 720 so are expected to be a mid-priced in Microsoft’s/Nokia’s range of handsets. Obvious ‘mid-priced’ does mean they are not going to be ground breaking in terms of specification, rumours suggest (and are supported by these images) that the screen with be 4.7 inches. In addition to this rumours suggest it the two phones will have 1GB of memory, a quad-core Snapdragon chip and 8GB of storage with a micro SD slot.

One of the more unusual developments (for a Nokia anyway) is that the phones do not seem to have a physical shutter release button unlike its predecessor. All exciting stuff.