Microsoft Still Support Nokia Products Despite Microsoft Lumia Rebrand

Since Microsoft’s attainment of Nokia, and their Lumia branding about a year ago, the company has since spoken out about their decision to phase out the Nokia branding, leaning towards Microsoft Lumia instead.

Microsoft’s marketing chief Tuula Rytila said the move towards Microsoft Lumia was a “natural progression” from the Nokia branding and insisted that the Nokia handsets will still be supported and sold as normal.

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Rytila had this to say on the matter in a blog post: “Microsoft continues to sell and support the Nokia Lumia phones that are out in the market, such as the recently announced Lumia 830 and Lumia 730. The Lumia promise that you’ve come to experience and love will remain. We will continue to honour customer warranties and provide world-class care services as before.”

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The move towards Microsoft has already begun and started affecting customer support when last month customer were redirected to Microsoft’s Mobile Device support from Nokia’s. The rebranding is supposed to reach completion by Christmas, where the Nokia name will cease to appear on new products all together.

The acquisition of Nokia’s devices and services occurred last September where Microsoft paid £4.6 billion.

Source: Digital Spy