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Microsoft VP leaks Windows 8 release schedule?

Microsoft’s Corporate VP may just have slipped out a rough idea of when we can expect Windows 8 – with the reinvigorated redesigned multi-platform operating system set to appear some time in Autumn 2012.

VP Dan’l Lewin addressed issues such as the costly slow-down of production following the hit-and-miss Vista OS and also made the timescale suggestion during his speak at the Microsoft campus.

He is quoted to have said “we will be in market – if you look at the crystal ball and just say what happened in the past is a reasonable indicator of what our forward looking timelines will be and just speculate – we’ve made the point about having a developer conference later this year, and then typically we enter a beta phase, and then in 12 months we’re in the market, so let’s make that assumption”.

We were excited to see a new look operating system in action back at the start of the month. It’ll be tablet-friendly and will act as a rebirth for the desktop-based system. Microsoft have even suggested the name time-tested title “Windows” may even be dropped. Be prepared for the onslaught of rumours to come. At least we’re getting closer to a release date – official word or not.

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