Microsoft’s Countdown to 2014 Deals Day 1: Borderlands 2 and many more!

Microsoft is looking to end 2013 in style by doing the thing that makes all gamers happy… discounting games! Microsoft has started its countdown to 2014 deals by naming the games that will go on sale from tomorrow. Xbox’s Larry Hryb announced the games which will be on sale today alongside the list of titles that will be available at discounted prices all the way up to December 23rd.

In the days leading up to 2014 Microsoft will be offering a selection of games each day with a major discount applied to each. All games will be digital downloads and at the end of each day the games will be changed and the day’s deals will be gone.

However, a selection of Games on Demand (full release titles), arcade games and add-ons for popular games and will also be available until the December 23rd with a decent discount. Titles like FIFA 14, BioShock Infinite, Tony Hawks Pro Skater HD and NHL 14 are all available at a reduced price (see full list at below).

The daily deals will start from tomorrow (Wednesday December 18th) and will feature Borderlands 2 and all of the DLC packages for the game available at a discount. Additionally the Arcade game Terraria will be available with 67% off.

Content Title Content Type Discount %
Borderlands 2 Games on Demand


Vault Hunter Upgrade 2 Add-on


Psycho Pack Add-on


Headhunter 1 Bloody Harvest  Add-on


Borderlands 2 Season Pass Add-on


Terraria  (On sale Wed.) Arcade


These deals will be available across most territories for the displayed discount, which means that Borderlands 2 will be on sale for just £12.49.

Microsoft will be releasing new games on a daily basis for the next few days, with Microsoft’s Major Nelson confirming the games via

The games on sale only cover the older Xbox 360 games and downloads. A full list of the games available at a discount till December 23rd is as follows:

Content Title Content Type Discount %
FIFA 14 Europe, Middle East, Africa Games on Demand 50%
FIFA 14 Rest of the World Games on Demand 33%
NHL 14 Games on Demand 33%
Bioshock Infinite Games on Demand 65%
Madagascar 3 Games on Demand 50%
Rise Of The Guardians Games on Demand 66%
Spider-Man: Edge of Time Games on Demand 67%
Spider-Man: Friend or Foe Games on Demand 67%
Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions Games on Demand 67%
Spider-Man: Web of Shadows  Games on Demand 67%
X-Men: Destiny Games on Demand 68%
X-Men: Origins Wolverine Games on Demand 67%
X-Men: Origins Wolverine Weapon X Games on Demand 90%
X-Men: The Official Game Games on Demand 67%
UMVC3 Games on Demand 83%
Value Pack Add-On 75%
Ancient Warrior Pack Add-On 75%
Viewtiful Strange Pack Add-On 75%
Weapon Expert Pack Add-On 75%
Animal Pack Add-On 75%
Villain Pack Add-On 75%
New Age of Heroes Pack Add-On 75%
Femme Fatale Pack Add-On 75%
Brawler Pack Add-On 75%
The Evil Twin Pack Add-On 75%
The Rising Dead Pack Add-On 75%
Additional Character: Shuma-Gorath  Add-On 75%
Additional Character: Jill  Add-On 75%
Costume Pack Add-On 75%
MVC2 Arcade 75%
Deadpool Games on Demand 60%
X-MEN Arcade 50%
Marlow Briggs Arcade 25%
Castle of Illusion Arcade 50%
Tony Hawk Pro Skater HD Arcade 50%
Guardians of Middle-earth Arcade 67%
Simpsons Arcade 50%
Doodle Jump Arcade 80%
Wreckateer Arcade 90%
Mini Ninjas Adventures Arcade 90%
Freefall Racers Arcade 90%
Fruit Ninja Kinect Arcade 90%