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What new mobile phone models are there?

The market for mobile phones is as competitive as ever with an array of great interfaces, handsets and software to tempt us. The new iPhone is as accomplished as we’d expected it to be and its iOS interface is always a good bet; Android will always be the favourite of many devotees and now Windows phones are fully staking their claim with various Nokia Lumia models appearing as prime exponents of the simple and slick interface.

The Nokia Lumia 900 and the brand new Lumia 920 both gain excellent reviews from the critics. The Lumia 900 is fronted by a 4.3 inch screen whilst the flagship 920 has a slightly larger 4.5 inch screen. Both of the phones exude sturdy build quality and have a reassuring weightiness missing from many current mobile phones.

Nokia phones were always renowned for their indestructibility and the new crop is no different. They don’t have that creaking, knocking type attribute inherent on flimsier phones and they are finished with a nice contrast of matt and shiny plastics.

The Nokia Lumia 920 has the feel of a genuine superphone and makes a great platform for Windows 8. The newest examples from the Lumia range could well launch Nokia’s profile back amongst the big players and by this time next year Windows will be a much more prevalent operating system for mobile phones.

The Samsung ATIV S and the HTC 8X are also fine examples of phones featuring the latest version of Windows and for those who may be uneasy with an operating system other than Android or Apple’s iOS the new Windows mobile phones are well worth a look. You can also find a load of good deals by visiting The ATIV S has a huge 4.8 inch screen and looks a lot like the Galaxy S3. Its ultra-slim aluminium chassis (8.7mm) gives it a real sleek marketability.

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