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Mophie Outride Kit Turns Your iPhone Into a GoPro Action Camera

Who needs an expensive action camera when you’ve got an iPhone, right? That’s the thinking behind accessory maker Mophie’s new Outride kit.

We’ve seen several add-ons to enhance the iPhone’s camera, including some rather interesting fisheye lenses. Mophie’s new kit will fully waterproof and impact-proof your iPhone, making your shiny gadget much more up to the task when it comes to extreme and dangerous sports.

The casing provides a cover for the iPhone’s rear camera lens, which will widen the angle to 170 degrees, meaning that you’ll be able to capture much more than you would with the iPhone on its own. We can see this being perfect when mounted to the handlebars of a downhill mountain bike, or on the helmet of a skateboarder.

Speaking of mounts, the kit will come with a selection of custom, quick-release adaptors for mounting your phone to all manner of things. With dedicated action cameras such as the GoPro, users will be able to mount it to helmets, handlebars, car dashboards and much more, and Mophie aims to mirror this for your iPhone with the Outride kit.

Of course, the iPhone has a huge advantage over dedicated action cams: data connectivity, apps, and full touchscreen functionality. To take advantage of this, the kit will come with a download of the Outride app, which lets you view, edit and share your videos as soon as you’ve taken them.

The Mophie Outride will launch mid-September, priced between $130 (£85) and $150 (£100) for different bundles. The app is a free download from the App Store.

Would you be willing to kit your iPhone out and take it on some extreme adventures?

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