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Moto 360 Release Date Timeframe Announced

More info on that amazing Moto 360 smartwatch has emerged, with a ‘top secret’ charging method detailed, something to do with the device’s purple posterior… well, the rear of the device. Here’s a picture so you can mull it over amongst yourselves.

Okay, I lied, it’s a lot less secret than you think. Motorola have confirmed that the rear of the device is a pickup point for wireless QI charging, a technology that we’ve seen before as a universal charge mat for phones. However, one could speculate that if a small device was optimized in such a way that the rear was more receptive to the technology, it could increase charging times, so maybe the Moto 360 will still surprise us in that department.

This technology is a logical step, as Motorola was formerly property of Google, whose Nexus 4 and 5 smartphones have taken full advantage of QI charging before. QI charging is fast and reliable, although charging bases are less portable than the standard wire-plug arrangement. No info on battery life yet though, sadly.

As for software it has been confirmed that the Moto 360 is Android 4.3 and 4.4 compatible as well as with Motorola products, like the Moto X and Moto G. It will receive push notifications from Android and other Moto devices.

It’s also ultra sleek and very well designed… here’s another image of the Moto 360, this time making it with some guy’s arm. Nice hipster bike, guy.

The Moto 360 represents the first of a line of Android wear products, like the LG G Watch which we have covered before. Android Wear is set to be Google’s next front in the tech industry, with Google promising a whole line of products, starting with but not limited to watches.

The device will also feature the ultra scratch resistant Sapphire screen, the star of several iPhone 6 and iWatch rumors. It’s also pretty water resistant, according to Motorola, but that doesn’t mean it can go swimming with you. Pricing has been sort of confirmed (gray area) at $249 USD, but that may change. Sapphire screens are VERY expensive.

The Moto 360 has been tentatively confirmed for a July release. We hope to see it here in the UK soon. Although I’m not going to dump my non-smart watch yet, since it charges via movement… well, winds itself. Maybe one day, smartwatches will too.

Sources: Techzine (Use Google Translate)