Probably one of the coolest smartwatches out recently, the Motorola Moto 360 managed to go from in stock to out of stock in roughly three hours, according to sources selling the amazing new smartwatch in the US today.

It’s finally here!

The revolutionary round smartwatch was announced at IFA 2014 on the 5th of September, and went on sale, then sold out, just a day later. It didn’t just sell out on Android Wear’s home, the Google Play Store, either, but also on Best Buy and Motorola’s official store.

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The device is selling currently for $249.99, but some greedy eBay sellers have posted listings for the device at over $400 in anticipation of the stock issues. Please be patient and don’t feed these people money, after all, the device will be back in stock in Best Buy stores on the 14th. Also, any devices already on eBay this early could have been stolen.

Anyway, Motorola chimed in with a Tweet after their stock hit rock bottom, with a Tweet here saying that the device could be out of stock and ‘avaliability may be limited for a while due to high demand’. Check out the Tweet for a bit more info and the link below to the Motorola store page, which should show when the device is back on sale. You can also register online to be notified when the device comes back in stock.

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Website re/code is reporting Best Buy are offering to reserve the device for customers who put down a $25 dollar deposit by buying a gift card, which is a clever plan, seeing as how you’ll have to send that money at Best Buy, although you can put that money towards the price of the watch.

The face of a round angel.

Head down to your local Best Buy to reserve the Moto 360 so you can grab it as soon as it comes to stores on the 14th.

Meanwhile, in the UK, the Moto 360 should arrive sometime in October for £199. We’ll have an article out as soon as it’s released. Make sure you get yours first.

Source: Motorola Twitter

Via: T3

Additional: re/code