Motorola have been pipped to the post by Best Buy when they prematurely leaked both a price tag and release date for the Moto 360, a whole two weeks ahead of schedule.

Droid Life spotted the mishap when they noticed Best Buy’s product page for the Moto 360 featured all the information you’d need to know as if you were purchasing the device. The post was shortly taken down, but not before the details were noted.

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With a suspected price tag of around £150 or $250, the Moto 360 is said to be the more expensive of the first two Android Wear smartwatches. Aesthetically it has a greater attention to detail and design and is thought to feature a wireless charging function. However the price tag keeps it within grasp of most customers, and competitive enough to out-do other manufacturers such as Samsung or LG.

The specifications leaked by Best Buy are as follows: a 1.5-inch LCD display with 320 x 290 resolution at 205 pixels per inch, with Gorilla Glass 3 for that extra strength. It features a built-in pedometer, heart rate monitor, and Bluetooth 4.0 wireless connectivity. The device is waterproof up to 3.3 feet for 30 minutes. Not half bad for a watch!

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The smartwatch is also said to have a vibration feature for notifications and will also be voice activated; much like is LG and Samsung competitors. Best Buy’s product page also mentions a stainless steel case and plastic backing, however there was no confirmation of the wireless charging.

Although this was an accidental leak, a lot of the credentials do correlate to previous specification suspicions, but it’s that old chestnut of nothing is official until it’s released. So we’ll just have to wait until Motorola make their official announcement on September 4th.