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Motorola announces ‘impossibly thin’ RAZR Android Smartphone

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Motorola has officially announced its latest smartphone, the much rumoured Droid RAZR. It runs Android software, is made of Kevlar (yes, Kevlar) and comes with the tagline ‘impossibly thin’.

Last night at Motorola’s ‘Next Big Innovation’ event in NYC, the company announced their latest flagship smartphone to rival Apple’s iPhone 4S and the Samsung Galaxy S II for thin-ness.

Motorola can justifiably slap the ‘impossibly thin’ tag on this phone, as it is just 7.1mm thick. If you’re having trouble imagining that, think of the iPhone 4/4S or Galaxy S II, then shave a good 1.5mm off.

Even though it’s wafer thin, Motorola have ensured this phone is crafted from some top notch, tough materials. The back plate is Kevlar, the body is machined from Stainless Steel, and the screen is covered with ultra tough scratch-resistant Gorilla Glass. Motorola have also coated the entire phone in a nanotechnology coating to make it splash proof and extra durable.

Side profiles of the iPhone 4 and Motorola Droid RAZR

On the inside there is plenty of power to complement the tough exterior. There’s a Dual-Core 1.2GHz processor with 1GB of RAM to boot, plus a surprisingly durable battery. Motorola says that the RAZR’s battery is good for up to 12.5 hours worth of talk time or 8.9 hours of video playback. That beats out the iPhone 4S, which has 8 hours talktime on 3G. Good work, Moto!

On the front of the Droid RAZR you’ll find a 4.3-inch Super AMOLED Advanced qHD touchscreen, which should look absolutely beautiful. Gorilla Glass covers the screen to keep it that way, too.

Software onboard is the latest version of Android Gingerbread (2.3.5), along with a host of Motorola branded widgets and software to help you stay in touch using all the social networks.

Camera fans won’t be disappointed with this phone either, as it has a great 8-Megapixel rear-facing camera which is also capable of shooting video in Full HD 1080p quality. There is also a HD quality front-facing camera for video calling with apps such as Skype, Orange and Fring.

Finally, just like Motorola’s Atrix smartphone, you’ll be able to dock the Droid RAZR into a ‘lapdock’, thus turning the phone into an Android-powered netbook with a 10-inch screen and full netbook QWERTY keyboard.

The phone will launch in the U.S. first of all as a 4G LTE variant, most likely on the Verizon network exclusively. However, a GSM version with 3G capabilities will be launching in the UK on November 1st. Our good friends at Clove Technology have the phone ready to pre-order on their site for £454.80.

Do you like the sound of the Motorola RAZR? Will you be ordering one instead of the iPhone 4S or Samsung Galaxy Nexus?

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