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Motorola announces new Verizon-exclusive Droid Turbo handset (in the US)

Motorola has officially revealed the Droid Turbo smartphone, unfortunately for all of not based in the States this phone is only available through Verizon in the US.

I have to be honest this is the first smartphone since I accidentally bought an iPhone 4 that has actually interested me. There’s a good reason for this, in a market where every other company is aiming to be thinner, have a clearer screen or a faster processor, Motorola is doing the one thing we all need. Motorola have decided to include a powerful 3900mAh battery, capable of lasting for up to 48 hours.

That’s about 4 times what my iPhone currently lasts on a good day and over double what most smartphones will achieve with low usage, the reason: we keep upgrading the parts and improving power usage just enough to cover the deficit. They couldn’t possible use a bigger battery because then it wouldn’t be quite as thin or light.

Who cares how thin or light it is, I actually like a bit of weight so I know it’s there, and it needs to be thick enough to feel like I couldn’t snap it with my hands. Motorola are on the right track in my eyes, they also boast a mighty 2.7 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 805 processor, as well as a 5.2-inch Quad HD screen with 565 ppi.

High quality images and 4K video can be captured on the device too, using its 21-megapixel camera. Paired with a Motorola Turbo Charger, the handset charges up to eight hours of battery within just 15 minutes.

Verizon is launching the device in two storage options on two-year contracts – the 32GB variant will come in Metallic Black, Metallic Red or Ballistic Nylon for $199, while the 64GB version will be available in Ballistic Nylon for $249.

US customers can get their hands on the Droid Turbo from October 30 through It will likely never launch in the UK but I can dream.